With over 2 million downloads on Cydia, UnlimTones is the Only ringtone app you will ever need!

UnlimTones allows you to create custom ringtones and sms tones from your iPod-DRM FREE-music and puts them directly into your settings.

With UnlimTones you can also download user generated ringtones from Audiko.net and save them to your phone for immediate use!


UnlimDownloads is a full featured download manager for iOS . The following are just a few of the supported formats:

  • pdf
  • zip (extraction supported)
  • mp3
  • mp4,m4v

UnlimDL can also be used to watch and control the playback speed of lectures at your university as long as they support MP4 and allow streaming.


QuickIM is the first multi-protocol chat client designed specifically for jailbroken iOS devices featuring quick-reply and quick-compose.

With QuickIM you no longer have to leave what you are working on to answer a IM message. You can now quickly reply to incoming messages and quickly compose new messages. QuickIM currently supports Facebook and Google Chat and will support AIM and Yahoo soon, and best of all its FREE!


You might have used the other Magic bus apps for the iPhone and they are all either inaccurate or just not up to date.

This is the first magic bus app that will constantly be updated and it is the first magic bus app with live streaming route information so you no longer have to reload the app to see new route times.

If you have any suggestions please go to unlimapps.com and comment.

*To come: a trip planer as well as more info on the local routes map view.